life down south

Late summer 2008 047-pola

This morning I found some of my old pictures of the Pitt County farmer’s market.  They reminded me of some of the charm that’s wrapped up with living in the South, heat and all. Like the makeshift produce stands you find in the middle of the country and the juxtaposition of old farm houses with new home sites just minutes outside of town. I love the slow drawl of the speech down here, and how the further you get into the country, the richer the accents become. The common denominator among the residents is their love for sweet tea, and the tiny, dilapidated barbeque joint down the street is probably the most popular restaurant in town. That lack of pretension is refreshing.

What about you? What do you love about the South?

Late summer 2008 055-pola

Late summer 2008 052-pola


2 thoughts on “life down south

  1. There are endless things I love about the south. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I love the traditions, hospitality, the FOOD, the scenery, the simple pleasures like sitting in a rocking chair listening to the cricket with a glass of sweet tea. Speaking of food, southern picnics can’t be beat.

    I love your blog! Your pup is adorable! What kind is he?

  2. thank you homecookedem. he’s a pointer-collie mix! an excellent dog–i couldn’t be happier with his disposition. Atlanta is a great town. I was just in Savannah, GA and the food there was outstanding as well!

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