film inspired

I rented a chick flick last night (Bryant was gone, so I did not have to fight for a movie selection) with the intention of curling up and setting my mind down for a while. Little did I expect that my head would be filled with a flurry of interior design daydreams. The movie, PS I Love You, is not one that I would recommend for its captivating story line, characters or writing, but I would recommend Hillary Swanks beautiful New York apartment. Oddly enough, she complains about her apartment throughout the movie….I still do not understand why she was griping about her beautiful flat! This morning I am cleaning my house and redecorating (again…for the 1,000th time). I am staring down my bedroom–trying to imagine how some of the rich textiles and colors displayed in Ms. Swank’s place could pull together my room into a dream.  I ran across this amazing page during my brainstorming process: Kylie creates mood boards for some of the inspirational pads you see on movies–including the one seen in PS I Love You. Amazing.


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