running low on excuses

Now that I am <70 hours away from completing my final master’s paper I am running out of excuses for neglecting my household duties. Soon I will have nothing to blame for the disaster area I call my bedroom or the fact that I have worn the same shirt for three days because I am unwilling to dig through the pile of clothes on my closet floor. I will not have a justification for the laundry that remains days after the drying occurred, or my obvious need for an eyebrow tweezing. I am probably exaggerating the influence this paper has had on my daily life—I have never been the type to wear pj’s to an exam because I am just so dog-on busy I can’t put on some jeans (you know who I am talking about)…But in the spirit of saving time so that I can focus on this culminating project, I have been cutting out some of the less vital aspects of my daily life. For example, dinner last night was made in the spirit of saving time and money.

Once again, I present you with a pesto. I have been on a kick lately. I love pesto because I can trick my husband into thinking I am a real gourmet while using some of the basic, cheap ingredients found in my pantry and herb box. This recipe incorporates spinach and basil. The spinach offers the added benefit of Vitamin A, folate, iron–the list goes on. I also added walnuts (source of omega-3’s)  in lieu of pinenuts—I had them on hand and they are affordable. I mixed about 1/3 cup of the pesto with 4 servings of whole wheat linguine. I added some chunks of fresh tomato and sweet peppers for crunch. Necessity (frugality) is the mother of invention.

pesto recipe


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