my wilderness man


( By this point, Bryant had already tried to toss Wallace in the water. Wallace was darting past Bryant for fear of getting caught and tossed).

We got out of town on Saturday for a hike along the Neuse River. Wallace taged along.

I love nothing more on a Saturday than to drive through the countryside, coffee in hand, with my husband. Eastern North Carolina is riddled with dilapidated old farmhoues, abandoned tobacco sheds, produce stands, and field upon field of crops. We pick and choose which spots we would consider buying (not that we are in a position to do so) and plan out what our future homestead will be like.

Our drive took us an hour away from home. Through the country, then the city, and through the country again. Finally, we rode into the Cliffs of the Neuse, where we spent our morning exploring the park’s trails and creating some of our own (per usual).

B is in his element in the woods. He takes his time, carefully examining every crawling thing that crosses our path. He was especially thrilled when I came across a copperhead on the trail (I was proud of myself for calmly stepping away–merely cussing softly in German and letting him shoo the snake into a pile of sticks). I am constantly amazed by the random facts about bugs and snakes that Bryant pulls from his head. I try to listen and remember his facts, many of which may save my life one day, but they tend to sweep over my head like little clouds of dust. I hope our future children don’t pay for their mother’s attention deficits. 

Anyway, his Eagle Scout skills are incredibly attractive and comforting. He could sit for hours and hours just soaking in the intricacies of creation–and I could sit for hours and hours just watching him.  And if I am ever stranded in the jungle, I will have the right man with me.  Seriously–I married a regular Bear Grylls.

_MG_7420(Bryant trying to trick Wallace into coming closer to the creek…Wallace is too smart)


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