a new path


photo via papertissue

hello dear readers. i am back from yet another sabbatical…i know, i know that’s funny coming from someone who has only been at this for a few months and inconsistently at that! well, i have been away in florida with one of my sisters and my aunt. boy, that was a lovely time of utter relaxation and contemplation. i felt like the ocean breezes lifted off so many of my worries and my angst about where to go & what to do with my life! i am funny like that–trying to map it all out 100 years in advance.

so, here you find me…in the middle of a college campus type typing away at my little blog. and why am i on a college campus? well folks, i have gone back! yes, back to school to study nutrition. i am excited about it, though i am not so sure i love the idea of being an undergraduate again. one syllabus actually told me to bring a writing utensil to class.  seems pretty obvious to me, but perhaps it wasn’t so when i was only 18 years old.

hopefully i will be more consistent with this thing. there is a lot that i want to write about–whether or not anyone will want to read it is the question.  all the same, this forces me to write and remember my creative side. thanks again for reading and have a lovely day.


One thought on “a new path

  1. I didn’t know you were starting school again. I have to say I think this is a very appropriate degree for you however, especially considering your love of cooking. I’m excited for you. Love, Shanna

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