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It has been a while since I have felt inspired by this blog. I attribute this to a general lack of inspiration in my daily life. For the past several months, I have felt subject to so much change—new school, new job, and more …While all of these changes are find and good, they have left me in a bit of a funk. As if a tornado has spun over me, twirled me around and around, and suddenly plopped me down in an unfamiliar field with a distorted sense of direction. So here I am—trying to reevaluate, redirect myself and decide what I need to leave behind and what I need to carry with me.

Part of me wants to let this whole blog thing go. Admittedly, I am a snobbish non-conformist at times.  Popularity/trend is often equated with triteness in my mind. This is the case with many of the blogs centered on topics I am interested in outside of the cyber-world. Nutrition and balanced living, for instance, are two things I am very passionate about and feel I have a pretty good grasp of. It seems that blogging about such topics can quickly lead to unwanted obsessions, drawing a fan base of women who struggle with perfectionism. Terms like “green” , “natural” , “environmentally friendly”  are tossed around with an heir of elitism that I have fallen subject to and wish to avoid for the sake of the people around me.  Eventually, the blogs become dull, full of pedestrian content.  The authors lose touch with the common man, their blogs only to be read by a homogenous group with a unified goal of achieving dietary perfection—in the form of organic vegetables and meals devoid of red meat, all packaged in BPA free Tupperware, or better yet, glass containers.

So where does paragraph one tie in? Despite my concerns over where this blog could head if I am not careful, I feel that writing about my “younger” (pre-tornado of life) passions will help me as I evaluate my next-steps. I have time right now to delve further into baking, food writing, creating healthy menus, exploring the possibilities for community nutrition projects, and building on others’ work related to incorporating wellness and balance into a budgeted lifestyle.

So, dear reader (judging by my blog stats, I may have one reader…), thus begins my attempt to put my thoughts and accounts of piddling in the kitchen out there for you to read. It is doubtful that this content will be inspirational, but through this little blog I hope to reestablish some of my long lost joys.

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