‘Kitchen’ Cabinet

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Interesting article from the NY times: Alice Waters & Obama’s ‘Kitchen’ Cabinet

Ms Waters wants to see President obama “name a White House Chef” and grow organic produce in the White House lawn.

Lately, I have grown a bit disillusioned by the whole organic fad.  But I see how this could be a very simple yet deeply impacting statement by the President & First Lady (and daughters).

I especially like these quotes by Ms. Waters:

“A person of integrity who is devoted to the ideals of sustainability and health would send a powerful message that food choices matter,” the letter said. “Supporting seasonal, ripe delicious American food would not only nourish your family, it would support our farmers, inspire your guests, and energize the nation.”


“Americans don’t have deep gastronomic roots. They wanted to get away from the cultures of Europe or wherever they came from. We stirred up that melting pot pretty quickly. Then fast food came in and took over. We have to bring children into a new relationship to food that connects them to culture and agriculture. I think the demonstration of that idea at the White House could be profound.”

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