the graduate

My brother Nathan graduated from PA school at Emory this past weekend. It was a special time–Nate has worked incredibly hard for his degree and it was exciting to be a part of his farewell to academia (for now at least).

It was just my family of 6 who made the trip to Atlanta. It has been years since we have been alone together.

Having only attended public universities, I enjoyed experiencing a private school’s graduation for a change. Emory served a full brunch, including Starbucks coffee. The meal certainly shined in comparison to the stale chocolate chip cookie I was given at my UNC graduation.


  I do not recall much of what was said during the brunch. Between the 4 “kids” and Nate’s friends Thiere & Coleman, we filled up 3 graduation programs with baby name critiques.

I burned all of my brunch calories laughing–mostly at Jessie.

The graduation ceremony was thoughtful and lovely. Themes of compassion and grace were woven throughout the speeches and reflectives.

 We ended the graduation day in true Lycan form–a trip to the movies and a very, very late meal of homemade lasagna. I crawled into bed at 1am–thinking about Nate’s  incredible accomplishment and feeling so grateful to the Lord for my precious family.

Such days should not be taken for granted.


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