Reflection: Mozambique

The following are some images from Mozambique.  Photo credits go to my brother, Nathan.

This is on the road to TikiTiki–a small village located in the bush of Manica Province, Mozambique. This is a beautiful region, with some very lush scenery. I never imagined how lovely Mozambique would be.  I guess that is why Bob Dylan wrote a song about it.

A beautiful Mozambican girl carrying citrus.

These sweet babies lived in the Baby House–started by a South African woman who took in neglected infants. Many of these babies were on death’s doorstop when she and her co-workers found them. But as you can see in the photo, they eventually became quite plump, thanks to some TLC and good food.

I think this image will forever be burned into my mind.  The physical toll of living in the Mozambican bush is painted on this woman’s face.  This granny is most likely the primary caretaker for the infant in her arms. Increasingly, grandparents are left to care for their grandchildren as HIV/AIDS is taking a devastating toll on Mozambique’s population. Orphan headed households were a common sight as well.

This is an image of the prisoners singing in Gondola Mozambique, a decently sized village in the Manica Province. Men and women seemed to be arbitrarily sentenced to prison. One man may have been a murderer, while his cellmate may have been a 14 year old boy sentenced for stealing a piece of bread. The conditions were brutal, as 40 + men were forced to live in a small room, eating only on a tiny meal of sudza (nutritionally bare starch) each day. Oddly, this may have been my favorite place to go when I stayed in Gondola (Tracy, our team leader and a friend of the prison guards, would let us go and bring food, lice treatments, stories, etc…).  It was as if God’s compassion and grace were tangible in the middle of such bleak circmstances.

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.–I Peter 5


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