unexpected turn

Yesterday was a strange one. I felt as if I was just floating through it, the hours passing quickly. Though I was working and going about my normal routine,  I felt detached from my actions.

I decided to return to the library after spending most of my day in the office, hoping that a change of scenery would shake me out of my rut. I had planned to return home briefly to make a sandwich while waiting for the parking lot to open up to drivers holding my parking pass, the cheapest one of all.  But instead of taking a left toward my home, I drove straight out into the country. And I kept driving, and driving and driving–just waiting to find a gem of an old house or to see something sufficiently interesting to send me back into town with a good story.

 I am sorry to report–I did not find any neat houses or noteworthy scenes, but it was a pleasant drive none the less.

 I think I am out of that rut.

photo via: papertissue


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