accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative

There has been far too much negativity escaping my mouth these days. To combat this, I am going to rehash some of the good things I experienced today:

1. A 20 minute quiet time to read and sip on my coffee this morning–all while sitting on my window seat looking out on the pond.

2. Noticable improvements in my ability to communicate in Spanish over the phone. Gloria a Dios!

3. Good conversation with my boss.

4. Progress  with my research projects.

5. Listening to music while working.

6. The sushi I just ate.

7. The sugared grapefruit slices I am about to eat.

8. Three cheers for actually learning something in my epidemiology course.

9. A nice, long run.

10. An unexpected breakfast invitation & a coffee invitation from some very dear friends.

11. A phone call from Becky during her brief trip back home.

12. Project runway airs tonight…I think.

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