rdu to jfk

(Image by NYC based photograher Alessandro Simonetti)

Jess and I just bought our tickets for a quick trip up to New York City, leaving in a week. I can’t even count the number of immigrants/tourists I have met in North Carolina who have told me, an American 25 year old, what NYC is like. I feel so un-patriotic having avoided the city for this many years. I am glad I can finally remedy the situation.  

I look forward to traveling with Jessie. The last time the two of us visited a notable city (other than to Williamsburg, VA to see grandparents) together was Venice, 2002.  That was a near disaster. I was basically kidnapped and she was essentially held hostage by a bunch of drunk Australians. Fortunately, we had periodic access to walkie-talkies during our 4 hour separation, but the whole ordeal was traumatic none the less. We are now older and wiser, hallelujah.

 So far our plans include: Hours of people watching; eating lots of dim sum & potstickers; perusing Little Italy;  and shopping at Beacon’s Closet. If anyone reads this, your ideas/suggestions would be most appreciated.




2 thoughts on “rdu to jfk

  1. We went to china town when we were there and I literal felt like I was in a foreign country – you guys should be right at home 🙂

    The ferry over to Jersey past the Statue of Liberty was fairly cheap and easy if you decide to go to Manhattan. I saw Times Square but frankly didn’t even recognize it, I was so overwhelmed – that whole country girl in a big city thing.

    One thing I would love to do in NYC is go to a couple of the museums and visit central park – that would be top on my list, but I have no idea of the associated costs.

    Hope you two have a great trip!
    Love ya,

    1. Thanks Shanna! Good suggestions.
      There are definitely a few museums that I’d love to visit.

      Hope you all are doing well!

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