baking & rising

 I woke up extra early this morning to make some scones–something I have not done in a very, very long time. Today was the perfect day to do so. Spring is slowly creeping in. The house is quiet, my windows are open and I can hear the geese wandering around outside. The sky is changing from overcast to slightly cloudy and blue. Ahh…this is heaven.

While I have never needed to wake up at 3am on a daily basis, this requirement for opening a bakery is not a disincentive for me.  One of my favorite jobs was as a barista in a little Chapel Hill based coffee shop. Apart from working with some of the kindest people you’ll ever know, one of my favorite aspects of this job was my early morning shift. My job satisfaction would have decreased significantly had I not been placed on this solo, early shift.I was required to arrive at work at 5:30am to set up shop and brew the coffee.  I would turn on my BBC news, pour my coffee and work purposefully–enjoying the idea that I held one of a handful of Chapel Hill’s  jobs that required such efficiency so early in the day


I used the Foster’s Market Recipe for the scones. These are delicious–almost as good as those of the Flat Rock Village Bakery, but not quite. I added the last of 2009’s blackberries (from Edneyville, NC ). You could add chocolate, ginger, orange peel, cinnamon, asiago, etc…Just gently fold your additions into the batter prior to cutting.


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