I have lived in Greenville for nearly 3 years and today was my first time dining at B’s Barbeque. Shocking–I know. B’s is a local landmark. Everyone in Greenville, and pretty much everyone who likes eastern NC style barbeque has at least heard of B’s. As you can imagine, my expectations were very high.

I was accompanied by Bryant, Shane and the lovely Katie Martin. Being an Aggie through and through, Katie despises vinegar based barbeque–preferring whatever they eat in Texas. I am glad she was there, as her mere presence challenged any undue hype that comes with B’s terrain.

A huge part the B’s experience is the atmosphere. Situated at the intersection of NC Hwy 43 and B’s Barbeque Rd., the resturant boasts no airs. Outdoor seating is provided by a few old picnic tables randomly strewn about a yard of patchy grass. The indoor seating is equally austere; a hodgepodge of old booths and tables are covered by faded plastic tablecloths. A simple offering of condiments, comprising salt, pepper, Texas Pete and vinegar, is placed neatly about the dining area. There is not a wait staff at B’s–orders can be placed from an outside window (no drive through here) or inside at the cash register. Opt for latter if you need to glance at the menu board–long lines mean that a newbie’s questions about substituting green beans for coleslaw are an annoyance (speaking from experience).

B’s menu is simple–the trademark of a good resturant, in my book at least. I decided to order the pulled pork barbeque plate. I figured that is what they’re famous for, so no need to play it kosher today. Bryant ordered the half chicken meal (choices: quarter/half/whole) and a sweet tea.  Total cost? $10 even. The food was handed to us in styrafoam boxes, and we scooted along to our humble table, anxious to taste what the fuss is about.

While I feel like an imposter writing a barbeque review (I am just not a barbeque gal), I must say that it was quite good. I doused mine in the extra vinegar B’s offers and sprinkled more than a few shakes of salt on the green beans. The cornsticks were sweet and crunchy, and they made the outside of the place smell like the State Fair (in a good way). My favorite part? Definitely Bryant’s chicken. It was smokey, juicy and tender. I would return just for the chicken.

All in all, this was a fun dining experience. Don’t go expecting a single fancy thing or gimmick from B’s. They keep it simple and stand behind their food. And judging from the line that spilled out the restaurant doors at 11:30 on a Saturday morning, this philosophy seems to be working.

*first image via: everywheremag


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