quenching my wanderlust

Our trip to New York was a success. And by success, I mean we managed to find the balance between acting touristy and pretending we lived in the city–East Village, to be exact. This was not an easy feat.

I forget how much I love traveling with my siblings. Jess was so much fun to stomp around town with. She is a street smart lady with a disposition that could invite the most reticent of New Yorkers to conversation.

I could devote a good 20 posts to our many stories, but I am sure that 16 of them would bore you to tears and the other 4 would recall  too many “you had to have been there” scenarios. Instead, I will just write a couple of “highlights posts”. More photos to come, including some photos in which I do not look like a mamushka (it was raining and I forgot my umbrella).

Friday:  Dinner at Artichoke in East Village, followed by a stroll through Union Square. Passed through a drum circle and stepped into ABC home–thought I had walked through the pearly gates. Dessert and coffee were at the cozy and bustling Grey Dog cafe. Fell asleep to the sound of car horns and feet shuffling through the streets in East Village where our dear friends Anna, Rosemary and Alison live (thank you all for your hospitality) in a darling little flat. Truly, the best sleep I have had in a long time.

Saturday: Woke up early to get to the Brooklyn Flea. First, took a stroll through Union Square farmer’s market–amazed by the fresh flowers, bread and produce that lined the busy city streets. Grabbed a New York bagel (can’t remember from where…)–which did not disappoint. The flea market was full of beautiful treasures, mostly vintage and some new pottery and handcrafted jewelry. Window shopping only for us.

Walked about 1,000 miles through Manhattan (Chelsea to Greenwich Village and back to East Village). Of course, we grabbed a macaron (it was NYC Macaron Day after all…). Too many shops, too little time and money.

Dinner at Cafe Gitane (off Mott St. in Soho)–which channeled Morocco circa 1948. Shared couscous with mixed vegetables and spiced sausages. Polished the meal off with a cappuccino and some creme brule from an overpriced French cafe.

Live music in Lower East side at Cake Shop, a dark hole in the wall type of venue.  The lineup: Beloved Rouge, Bachelorette, Bird Love, Duchess Leo. Enjoyed Beloved Rouge and Duchess Leo. Got a little turned around in the subways, but made it home with more blisters–further proving our determination to really see the city.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to come….huzzah.


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