giving durham another glance

I never really thought much of Durham when I lived nearby. I would occasionally stop through to visit a friend, but never found anything worth going out of the way for in the city. Apparently I left the area a few years too early. In the last few months the NY Times has posted several stories on progressive eateries and a renowned farmer’s market in the area.

“Mr. Neal (right) is the son of the late, celebrated North Carolina chef Bill Neal, who favored fine Southern-French cuisine. His son opened a deli, not a formal restaurant, but everything is made with local and seasonal ingredients — like breakfast biscuits made with organic flour and high-fat buttermilk.”

“The 1978 “Sovereign” Airstream trailer that houses DaisyCakes, a mobile vendor of cupcakes and handmade “pop tarts” at the Durham farmer’s market.”

And soon to arrive in Durham is the “Eno River Resturant & Market“–a farm to table resturant started by the owners of Zeily & Ritz. According to the proprietors, the market will be “like a farm stand with a wine list”…sounds perfect…

Images & story content from NY Times online


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