loyo est trop cher pour moi

Necessity is the mother of invention. This is my own mother’s unofficial credo. Growing up, mom always put a creative spin on the most lackluster of situations, meals, outfits, etc…If I had a penny for the number of times she referred me to “Becky’s Boutique”, her fictional high end store in the basement, I’d be a wealthy woman. The boutique was renowned for its collection of GAP and Tablots daily wear, all circa 1994. My sister’s laughed at me for being the most gullible of the lot–they were the wiser and wouldn’t step foot in that particular section of the basement. I finally stopped frequenting the boutique around the time I turned 17, but I still appreciate my mother’s efforts and knack for making all things pedestrian seem so worthwhile.

I try to carry this spirit with me as I get older. Like today, for instance…

A  locally owned frozen yogurt shop recently opened up just 1/2 mile from my house. I had a strong craving for some of their delicious coffee-plain swirl, but remembered that a 4 oz portion of the stuff would set me back about $3. That’s when I remembered this little trick I stumbled upon last year: just banana nothing else added “frozen yogurt” (I need a catchier name). I immediately pulled into the Piggly Wiggly, bought a bunch of bananas, and my pushed LoYo out of my mind…

The recipe is quite easy. Simply peel a banana, freeze it, and then place the frozen banana in a food processor. Process on medium for about 3 minutes. The banana will turn from solid, to minced, to wonderfully creamy and yogurt-like in no time.

Easy. Cheap. Healthy. Good. Well, maybe not quite as good as the yogurt shop…But as chere mama would say, it’s so much more “French”.


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