a forest for the trees

Of this I am convinced: Gratefulness changes everything. Admittedly, I often I miss the “big picture”, becoming overwhelmed with longing for what isn’t mine to have. In the process I lose sight of the beauty around me–the blessings that have been lavishly laid in my reach.

Brennan Manning says “Gratitude arises from the lived perception, evaluation and acceptance of all life as grace–as an undeserved, unearned gift from the Father’s hand.”

How true this is.

I am so blessed. So, so blessed. Blessed to be listening to birds as I type this. To have risen early to a strong run, with legs perfectly made to carry me on my way. To have spent my morning touching growth and harvest in my garden. To have a wonderful family, particularly a wonderful father on this day in his honor. To have daydreams of adventures and the ability to pursue them in due time.

I walk hand in hand with grace every day. But some days I forget the hand I hold and where I am going. And on those days, I need to write more of this.

Photo via Forest for the Trees series by Myoung Hu Lee found @
 The Morning News

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