Waris Ahluwalia– “House of Waris”

I  have yet to see Waris Ahluwalia in a film, but I have enjoyed looking at his stunning pieces of jewelry. You should watch this short on his travels to India found in The Anthropologist.

Photo and interview excerpts from Letter to Jane magazine

Jewelry design is unique to me because most don’t think of it as fashion design and some don’t think of it as an art piece, but it really covers all that ground uniquely. What is it about jewelry that you find inspiring?

It’s jewelry and pottery that archeologists find on their digs. It’s working in forever that i like. Working with objects of beauty that become an intimate part of someone’s life. I work with elements that have high value before i even touch them. From the earth and back to the earth. Magic. Desire. Romance.

Jewelry obviously has a long tradition tied to it, how do you approach that tradition? I think that a big part of jewelry is the choice of materials for each piece, what goes into that decision process?

I have spent the last six years searching the world for the best craftsmen. They make it possible. The generations of skill in their hands. My journey started in Rome where i found my first workshop. Then onto India where the family has been working in jewelry for centuries. They have a love and an innate understanding of the materials. Once again, it’s magic. From there onto Bangkok and then somehow found my way home to work with a hand engraver in NY.

I work with gold that holds history, diamonds that see the future, and rubies that long for love. There’s a story in each stone- I’ll leave it for you to find them on your own.

Do you have any plans of extending the line or are you happy with how things are at the moment?

The best laid schemes of Mice and Men

oft go awry,

And leave us nothing but grief and pain,

For promised joy!

You’re one of a lucky few that is well connected throughout different creative fields. With that in mind are there any unrealized projects you’d like start?

Time will tell…

If I may ask, how did you become so well connected, was it work to you or was it did it just organically happen?

It’s all been an organic process. I go where my heart leads me. I do things that I enjoy and fulfill me. I surround myself with other people who want to create. To build. To grow. I’m very fortunate. Blessed and I don’t take it for granted.

Any wishes of being the settled down family man type?

Everyday. Oh my, where is she?


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