how to see a city:

I know this is odd, but I had a dream about the scone pictured above this morning. It was an oat scone served with apricot marmalade, some very delicious, smooth ricotta cheese, and coffee. Eaten at Le Pain Quotidian.

I awoke and remained in bed for a good while–just thinking about all of the food, wonderful food, Jessie and I found throughout New York.

First, we took a little stroll around East Village and landed at Artichoke for some massive slices of artichoke pizza.

On Saturday, we stopped in Brooklyn, on our way to the Brooklyn Flea, to get “authentic bagels”.

(Jessie & her everything bagel with pimento cream cheese)

We saw the Frick, wandered around Central Park a bit, then found a lively indoor market before heading over to the Met. This is where we met the Spanish lady who offered to buy us champagne and cheese. She was so kind, as were all New  Yorkers we met, honestly. We declined and bought our own bread, cheese and orangina to eat in the park.

We planned our evening carefully, as we had a concert to see in Lower East Side and wanted to tour SOHO a bit. We ate Moroccan at Cafe Gitane.

(not pictured: Couscous with roasted vegetables and lamb)

After more walking, we wound up in a seedy (yes, seedy), dark little French Cafe. Oh well. We sat at the bar and had coffee and overpriced creme brulee. The bartender was from Mexico, which made the whole ambience ever more confusing. He was very kind, though.

Twice we visited Grey Dog, which we loved for coffee and dessert.

And speaking of dessert, one of our favorite spots was a hole-in-the-wall Italian cafe that served heaps of pastries. Also where I swore I found my sophomore in high school winter formal date, Tony. He didn’t remember me.

Not pictured: the best Chinese meal in Chinatown with our wonderful, local tourguides/Chinese-speaking Americans/friends, Anna and Rosemary!  And bubble tea before the airport rush, also in Chinatown.


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