I was in a hurry before my homegroup arrived this evening. What’s new?  I spent a good 35 minutes kicking stuff under my bed, dying towels,  downloading music to clean to and frantically sweeping. I even finished preparing a cake with a tasty chocolate buttercream frosting that spread like a dream. I am sad to report that the fashion in which I made this frosting was as reckless my cleaning methods du jour.

Here is the recipe-ish: About two sticks of softened (some melted)  butter whisked with 3 ish cups of powered sugar (broken KitchenAid) and then folded with a broken spatula. Add a pinch of salt and about a teaspoon of vanilla. Keep beating with the broken spatula until powdered sugar lumps are dissolved. Use a knife to get the frosting stuck in the whisk out. Spread a crumb layer on a double layer cake. Let it chill for 5-1oish minutes, then frost the rest.

Graceful, huh?

photo cred: Michael Wells (and his droid)


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