poetry from a young girl’s heart

(Image via Joeva Rock (note: aside from being shot in Togo, the photo has very little to do with the post below))

I spent the evening sorting box upon boxes of a life’s worth of nostalgia. Poems, cards, letters, journals, and so forth…It was wonderful trip down memory lane, and I must confess a few tears were shed. One of my favorite finds was the poetry book my dear friend Cara and I created when we were in Italy & West Africa. It was my job to write our poems, and hers to write their detailed narratives. We had so much fun with this. I remain impressed with our wit and creativity (forgive my bias). And not only did this trigger memories of some really fun adventures and interesting scenarios, it reminded me of what a wonderful girl Cara is and how I hope to see her again soon.

I realize some may find this crass (though it is written entirely in jest). If you generally looking to take offense, stop reading now. This is one of my favorites. The poem and  narrative were written in Kara, Togo–May 2003.

The Faux Pas Must Be Stopped

by Rachel

I shuddered with embarassment.

Sunglasses, a piece of paper, anything to hide my eyes from this horrid sight!

They all stand around

Giggling, talking (loudly, I might add!)

Seemingly unaware of the high crime they are now commiting.

The temptation wins and I begin my survey…

Are those culottes?

Tie dyed tank tops? Keds and oversized dresses?


They may as well have had it painted on their sunburned foreheads

Or plastered on a giant sign on their backs.

Someone must help.

Come one, come all, SOS and 911!

Conquer this cruel and ugly world of Missionary Fashion Faux Pas


by Cara

“Ambassadors for Christ”–we’re sometimes called. But can you imagine if an ambassador to the United States of America showed up at a UN meeting in culottes? And to think –we aren’t representing a measly country, but the Creator of the Universe, the Living God and Our Lord Jesus Christ. We have an important job and must dress accordingly. It’s too long my Lord has been misrepresented, after all wouldn’t you be confused too if someone brought you the good news wearing gingham and tie dye? That’s just plain dizzying. There is no good reason missionaries can’t look good. I have yet to read the commandment “Thou shall not match your clothes”. Yes–do ask yourself “What would Jesus Wear?”. It can be done friends! When you pick up your cross daily, you can be comfortable and stylish. More than that, I think God enjoys a well-ensembled missionary. Take a stand for Jesus and take a stand for fashion!


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