flat rock village bakery

I would hardly consider myself to be a creature of habit. I am not exactly daring when it comes to new culinary experience either…But I do tend to try new things for fear of missed opportunities. However, every so often a certain place will capture my heart and business indefinitely. This is true of two places in North Carolina, the first of which I have previously discussed here: Neomonde Deli (Raleigh) and the Flat Rock Village Bakery.

Imagine a rustic French bakery, with a bit of Berkley flavor, plopped in a lovely little town in a lovely little building in the North Carolina mountains. Atmosphere aside–the Flat Rock Village Bakery’s food can stand on its own. My personal favorites:  the roasted red pepper and havarti scone, the everything bagel with cream cheese, biscotti, and the proscuitto wood-fired pizza. The baked goods are rustic, made with organic ingredients and real butter, and the portions are ample.  The wood fired oven yields delicious pizza with crispy crust and simple flavors. The ingredients are mostly local, to boot, as the owner (Scott Unfried) is part of the Slow Food Movement.

The Bakery, in all its artisanal splendor,  stands out as a true gem in the midst of a world of refined flour, artificial fat and overwhelming sweetness.


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