What You Should Be Listening To

For those fans of just plain good music, especially that of the folk, indie-rock, and minimalist variety, Saint Bartlett by Damien Jurado is for you. I stumbled upon Damien’s work a while back, and have been joyfully listening ever since. What makes Damien’s music special is its distinct variety of sound and encapsulating arrangements, all the while still keeping to the simpleness of its folk/minimalist roots.   Damien provides the listener with a deep, sincere, earthiness that not only makes for easy listening, but also provides enough maturity to challenge the more discerning listener. The airy “Cloudy Shoes”, the classic “Arkansas”, and the haunting “Kansas City” are the gems, but you would really have trouble finding a dud on this album.  All of the songs are solid if not great, which makes purchasing this album a must-do.  That’s why Saint Bartlett by Damien Jurado is what you should be listening to. — Jared McGuirt

Track List:

Cloudy Shoes
Rachel & Cali
Throwing Your Voice
Kansas City
The Falling Snow
Beacon Hill
With Lightning In Your Hands







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