See Below-You’ll Thank me Later

by Jared McGuirt

White Pocket Arizona
Paria Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Area
Utah Arizona Border

I wanted to let you guys in on an emerging landscape photographer named Brent McGuirt, who just so happens to be my older brother. His work could be described in one word: special. While there is no lack of amateur photographers out there these days, Brent’s work is beyond the ordinary and banal. The quality of his work speaks for itself. Just take a look at the vista displayed above! He just had a picture that went completely viral on the internet, accumulating over 64,000 views and being featured on multiple websites.  Brent brilliantly captures the best of God’s creation, providing us with views that are simply inspiring. He has captured many beautiful scenes of mountains, waterfalls, and desert vistas. Do yourself (especially your eyes!) a favor and let Brent take you away to somewhere beyond the four walls that surround you. Check out his flickr page to see the rest of his work:



One thought on “See Below-You’ll Thank me Later

  1. Thanks alot Jared for the shout out! That was really nice of you to be so complimentary of me. I am very proud of you too bro and all the Lord is doing in and through you. Let me know if you ever want a particular shot and I’ll gladly give you a print! Thanks buddy!

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