snapshots of 2010//a year in review

2010 was a wonderful year. Sometimes I just can’t over how blessed I am — my family, my friends, my health, my home…the list goes on and on. Life is such a beautiful gift. Happy New Years to all.

sea kayaking to shakleford banks

easter in williamsburg

(josh and becky move (sad) but) many special farewell dinners/parties

cafe gitane and some incredible couscous–jess and i travel to NYC together

strawberry picking in eastern nc

visits to the refuge to swim/hike/camp

time in the vineyard

many trips to asheville/jared and brooke’s wedding

the best.hamburger.ever @ the chef and the farmer

ocracoke w/mom, jess and jordy

the virginia creeper w/the aunties and siblings

driving up the pacific coast highway/seeing salinas midway through east of eden

many trips to boone–contra dancing/river swims/hiking/jessie’s birthday

cold mountain backpacking trip

thanksgiving with the family/christmas tree hunting

holidays with the hermanas

y hermano

christmas in boone


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