A Discussion of Intelligent Design and Intellectual Suppression

by Jared McGuirt

I recently viewed a fascinating discussion between respected Christian Theologian/Philosopher R.C. Sproul and celebrity Ben Stein concerning suppression of intellectual inquiry, intelligent design/ macro-evolution, and the recent movie done by Stein titled “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” concerning all of these subjects.

The two discuss each of these topics in detail, with one of the more interesting discussions concerning the state of intellectual suppression in universities. They state that universities are supposed to be residual forces of knowledge and sense, but have become residual forces of close mindedness and nonsense. In this, universities have “closed the human mind” so to say of intellectual inquiry into ultimate truth and intelligent design. This has resulted in many cases of noted academics being fired for questioning the idea that intelligent design does not exist. Sproul suggests that the thought and importance of debating intelligent design goes beyond religion, being important from a philosophical point of view, and also important for the integrity of science itself.

Another interesting point of discussion centered around the constitutionality of intellectual suppression. They reassert that our constitution expresses the need for separation of church and state and for not establishing a state church, a concept willingly accepted by most if not all, including evolutionists. Hypocritically, evolutionists have themselves created a quasi-state church named “The Church of Darwin”, where skepticism of Darwin’s hypotheses on macro evolution can go unquestioned by other lines of thought or reason. This Church of Darwin is the predominant force in America’s colleges and universities today, and has lead to a state of oppressive intellectual close-mindedness.

I definitely think that this is a topic that needs further discussion around all of our shared tables. Intellectual freedom is so important, and should not be allowed to be so blatantly suppressed. Check out the discussion here:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:



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