YoVanna, YoForia, Yo-CRAZY

California started, as is typical, 10 (maybe even 20) years ago, with the ‘novel’ idea that frozen yogurt should taste less like ice cream and more like real ‘cultured’ yogurt. Slowly by slowly, the idea caught on and swept the country, finally sticking in North Carolina about 3 years ago. Over the past 3 weeks, I have had the opportunity to consume this type of frozen yogurt in Denver and Boulder, Colorado; in Atlanta, Georgia and in Charlotte and Greenville, North Carolina. (see picture of me getting ready to order a pumpkin/ chocolate swirl at MaiBerry in Boulder.) Yogurt shops go by several names – In Denver, it was Pink Berry; In Boulder, Mai Berry and CeFiore; In Atlanta, Yoforia (Euphoria?); In Greenville, South Carolina, BlueBerry Frog; In the Charlotte airport, TCBY has rebranded itself as YoVanna (Nirvana?)…and in Greenville North Carolina, we are privileged to have Local Yogurt (also in Durham and Raleigh). The question is – is one of these yogurt varieties healthier than the others? I attempted to find the nutrition content of all the yogurt varieties online, and only found a few (CeFiore, Pink Berry, Local Yogurt, and Yoforia). I compared calories, fat, sodium, sugar, protein, calcium, and iron. Most varieties have about 100 calories per 4 ounce serving, with little to no fat. Sodium is highest in Local Yogurt and CeFiore, but the sodium content is not overwhelming (60 mg). Sugars are highest in the flavored yogurts, especially CeFiore. Protein is highest in CeFiore original flavor (4 mg), but Pink Berry and Local Yogurt are close behind (3 mg). Calcium (which I thought would be high in all varieties), was highest in CeFiore (24%) and quite low in the others (Pink Berry was second place with 10%). So overall, my assessment is that CeFiore is the healthiest of the varieties. But all are good, especially when compared to Hagen Daas.


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