popovers & eggs

I confess that these popovers were not a great success in terms of appearance. I followed Julia Child’s recipe to a “t”, but I think she’d frown on the result. They were, however, soft and doughy in the middle–which was good enough for a sleepy Saturday attempt. Suggestions on how to improve these guys are welcome. I’d love to perfect in time for summer fruit jam-making/preserving.

I’ve decided this is the best way to have eggs scrambled — with cream cheese and scallions and salt & pepper to taste.


2 thoughts on “popovers & eggs

  1. If I may suggest— the only thing you are missing is the wonderful accent that Julia had in her cooking shows!!! I really believe that helped her food look good! lol

  2. I think I got my recipe off of thekitchn, but I could be wrong. For me, making sure the oven is good and hot and not opening it is crucial. If you peak at them they fall miserably. I also learned the other day that if you slit the sides with a sharp knife after they come out they won’t deflate. If I have a bit of thyme on hand I toss that in the dough. Makes for a nice savory application.

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