fin de semaine

I’ve not been very present here this week. My brain has been on the fritz every evening–thanks to work.

But it was a good week–and here are some of the highlights/forecasts :

1- High Society viewing over a meal of homemade mashed potatoes, italian bread, roasted asparagus and beets, and a Rioja. Followed by (thank you, David Tanis!)

2- Dyed my hair red-ish/redder-ish. I can’t decide if that’s a positive or a negative? But it’s done. So let’s make lemonade.

3- Glimpses of spring (ie; 67 degrees)

4- My dad’s birthday today. He’s great.

5- Concert tomorrow w/friends

6- Last night of homegroup tonight. This is sad, but was reminded of how much I love my homegroup.

7- Made a lemon cake!

8-Residency rank list is in



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