thinking of zambia

(On the road into Lusaka)

We returned from abroad yesterday. After weeks of continent hopping, trying to learn new language(s), and sleeping on airport floors, I am a little tired and very happy to be back. Never the less, as I am “settling” in, my thoughts are often drawn back to Zambia. In the coming days and weeks I hope to share some of my favorite memories and most profound encounters. Three weeks is certainly not enough time for comprehensive exposure to any place, much less a place with such a rich history, variety of people groups and complexity of social issues. Three weeks in Zambia did, however, reawaken an interest in and awareness of the challenges and successes of modern Africa and provided just enough time to spark some friendships that I hope will last.

(Above image taken during a rural health outreach) Of the 500+ photos I have, about 60% are probably of children. I couldn’t resist. They have such beautiful smiles and they were very eager subjects. I’m not sure where they learned this, but they referred to getting their picture taken as “getting copied” (ie; “Will you copy me?!”)

My NC State alum friends will appreciate this one…Zoom in a little and you will find that your Women’s Basketball Team is being represented in an obscure Zambian market (Luanshya).

We shamelessly asked this little guy (center) if we could “copy him”–the 80’s windsuit was just too perfect. He had a love/hate relationship with the camera…If you tried to take his picture, he would run away. If you ignored him, he would sneak up on you–practically begging for a picture. After 20 minutes of this game we just stole a photo–hence the poor quality.


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