the faded apron pie co.

You can now find the Faded Apron Pie Co. at the Thursday market in front of Lees McRae College (in Banner Elk) – and soon –the Watauga County Farmer’s Market. My talented mother has long dreamed about using her baking skills to generate a little income – and for the first time ever, she’s sharing her wonderful pies and baked goods with the world outside her home.

Last night was TFA’s second run at the local farmer’s market, and my first time to help my mom bake and sell. I am bias, but I highly recommend her Shaker Lemon “Cutie Pies” and her Strawberry Lemon Scones with a strawberry glaze.

One thought on “the faded apron pie co.

  1. I was told by some of my younger customers that you have amazing baked goods that you are selling (as I also see by your post) at the market there at the college. I was wondering if you would be interested in selling some of your items at my shop. My phone number is 828 773-9394. Thank you. Ann McCorvey

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