making this house a home

I can’t tell you how excited (and completely overwhelmed) I am about having a new space to decorate. What makes it even better is that “the bones” are good — there’s a lot of natural beauty in the space & setting that I can leave be. While I’ve been dying to get the “OK” to begin transforming this house into a home, it has probably been a really good thing that I’ve had time to slowly explore the house and it’s features. I’ve had plenty of time to envision the layout and how I want it to feel when I’m all done.

 The more I peruse ideas on the web and in magazines, the more I’m committed to making our space light, joyful and personal. I love nice furniture and accessories as much as the next girl, but more than anything, I love personality and adaptability in a home.

Depending on time, I’d love to do a little overhaul of this ol’ blog to make it more “focused” (word of the season/what I’m constantly reminding myself to do) and post some before & afters. My head is brimming with ideas, and I’m pretty sure I could spend my life implementing them (as in, there is MUCH to be done).


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