The Promise of Things To Come

I’ve taken a three month break from blogging. I’ve really missed it. I enjoy having an outlet for all of the ideas that flood my brain. This morning for instance– I spent 50% of my drive envisioning a needlepoint pillow line. How could I not blog with thoughts like that flying around my head on a regular basis?

Now that I commute less frequently than last semester, I will have more time to plan and cook decent meals. Decent as in I won’t be eating poached egg sandwiches every night (…even if I really want to).

Here is what I plan to cook this week. Recipes and accompanying photos to come:

  • Chipotle vegetarian chili
  • Herb cheddar scones
  • Coconut chicken curry
  • Kale chips

(image of MK Fisher via this  article on her work)


2 thoughts on “The Promise of Things To Come

  1. Good to see you back! And the new blog design?… ugg. So lovely and cool. You always seem to have such an effortless sense of style. xo

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