Spring is just around the corner. I can’t wait. The unseasonably mild winter days have me longing for warm weather and all the good things that come with it. I can already see signs of the season’s change – from daffodils inching their way out of the ground, to the lilac bush turning green at its ends.  The sun hits the house in the most beautiful way in the morning gently calling me out of bed, reminding me that my house slippers and heavy robes won’t be needed much longer.

I’m also overjoyed about the start of the farmer’s market on ETSU’s campus. I’m pretty certain that I’ve never been more excited, more invested in or passionate about a project. In the last year, farmer’s markets have become much more to me than just a place to shop. As I’ve met local farmers and vendors of fruits, vegetables, jams and jellies, breads, etc. I’ve come to care more deeply about how far my dollars can go to support their trade, their livelihood.

I’m still frugal. That’s something I doubt will ever change (you may have noticed my diy fringe, for example). But often, the extra expense is worth the peace of mind from knowing where your food was grown and the joy from seeing your farmer stick that money in their pocket.

(images taken at the Watauga Farmers Market; Boone, NC)


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