You are a c-a-t-a-s-t-r-o-p-h-e!

Cold Mountain redux this weekend. I can’t wait to get away from my task list and enjoy this beautiful country.

Confession #1: I want to be like Ruby Thewes. Just like her. I want to know how to build fences, raise animals, plant a garden, raise a barn, etc. I’d like to think that if I lived in Civil War Era Appalachia and all the men were off fighting, I’d be just as capable of homesteading as Ruby. I think I have the toughness in me, I just need the knowledge and the persistence. And probably the circumstances (e.g.; Civil War, Great Depression, skip the Industrial Revolution, etc)(but I won’t wish for those times to come again).

Confession #2: For now, I’m enjoying working in my pajamas, eating instant oatmeal and drinking my Whole Foods coffee.


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