what i learned and decided today

1.) I want to eat every meal in a field somewhere. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I’d really like to dedicate at least 45 minutes to enjoying each meal.

2.) I need a big, white farmhouse on at least 20 acres and a big barn with a quilt pattern painted on its side.

3.) My future home will have a stream or a river flowing behind it. That’s where I’ll read and have my morning coffee, and my kids will search for tadpoles and whatnot. They’ll either be butt naked when they’re babies, or wearing overalls until they’re 5.

4.) I really like collard greens.

5.)This summer,  I’m going to spend time learning how to paint with watercolors. I am also going to write a children’s book. 

From the looks of this list, it would appear my life is neither flashy or interesting. But I did eat a tasty dinner in a field around sunset with my friends this evening–which is pretty great.

(image of an outstandinginafield dinner)


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