I have so many wonderful mother & grandmother figures  in my life. Today, I mostly reflected on life with my mom, Rebecca. If I may gush, she is just so beautiful in every way. She is brave and determined and loves more fiercely than anyone I’ve ever met.

Rarely do you meet someone with the transformative powers of my mother. This a skill she’s crafted over the years. Her art is one that most will take for granted – that is until they’re pleasantly surprised by something like a gourmet meal in the middle of nowhere Africa, or our family’s traditional Christmas morning cinnamon rolls and sausage balls in a hotel room in London (I still can’t figure out how those were transported from America).

 Despite her great physical beauty, my mother taught my sisters and I that true beauty rests in one’s character.  While one should consider their appearance, it’s more important to strive for a strong yet humble spirit, a pure and loving heart and the ability to converse with anyone — pauper and king alike.

 I will spend the rest of my life watching my mother as she carries herself with grace and honesty through both challenging and joyful circumstances. I hope to be half the woman she is by the time I leave earth. I will probably require many more years in order to accomplish this. Therefore, in the interest of preserving life, I resolve to avoid driving behind surfboards and logging trucks.


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