I drove my mom’s car to the farmers’ market this morning. She had Celtic music in the CD player and it reminded me of Riverdance. Do you remember Riverdance?  The world famous Irish step dancing show? My brother and I thought Riverdance was so cool when we were young. This thought led me to list of other things I was “into” as a young, naive (truly, the most naive) thirteen year old girl.

1) Favorite actresses:  Audrey Hepburn and Julia Ormond
2) Favorite movie: Little Women (1994 version)
3) Favorite food: chicken salad sandwiches from Hudson Belk’s cafeteria (some say I was brainwashed by mother)
4) Favorite outfit: khaki pants, button down shirt, polo sweater vest and mary jane shoes (” “)
5) Hairstyle: bangs; courtesy of my mother
6) Favorite band: tie between Harry Connick Jr. and the Spice Girls
7) Teeth: braced
8) Early feminist tendency: protested the skirt measuring role at my Christian school; stood up against racial intolerance, sadly also in my school; proudly anti-cheerleading
9) Sport: CASL (city) soccer league. Tried out for JV basketball. Was offered water girl position due to my height and small frame. Rejected said offer.
10) Best friend: Nathan
11) Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird
12) Magazine subscription: Martha Stewart Living
13) Celebrity crush: Leo DiCaprio or JTT
14) Spotlight moment: Middle school homecoming court (blue velvet turtleneck dress!)
15) Extracurriculars: Christian Youth Theater and Piano
16) Favorite memory: Family RV trip up to Bar Harbor Maine
17) Favorite class: Home economics
18) Favorite weekend activity: Garden shop with dad followed by an iced coffee at the Paradigm Cafe
19) Dream job: fashion designer or physician
20) Vision for the future: Attend a very good school. Move to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Marry a very wealthy older man.

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