modern woman

“The tree on the mountain takes whatever the weather brings. If it has any choice at all, it is in putting down roots as deeply as possible.”

Corrie ten Boom

Sometimes it’s difficult to identify inspirational women in the modern world, particularly if you’ve immersed yourself in popular media. I often find myself emulating altruism that’s rooted in skin deep conviction and I am easily distracted by our culture’s emphasis on physical beauty and appearances.

Lately, I’ve thought a lot about women I’ve met or read about who, though they may be older now, are enchanting for reasons other than their physical beauty. These women are listeners, who measure their words carefully. They are not self-promoters; rather, their stories and reputations are carried by people who are wise enough to stop and observe them. They’re also very active — with ongoing projects and a lot of friends and family surrounding them.

I find it’s very important for me to think about these women, especially when it comes to reflecting on how I want to live my everyday. How do I interact with others? How do I respond to hardship? Do I speak with compassion, or are my words biting? Do I live gracefully, even when nobody is observing me?

I don’t always live this way, but deep in my heart I know I was designed for a purpose. I know that I’ve been given strength, courage and wisdom that often goes untapped as I settle for mediocrity both in everyday expectations of myself and in my future planning. I want to be like the ten Boom sisters. Imperfect women who pushed through their own weaknesses and insecurities to walk a path a sacrifice and love for others–even if it cost their lives.


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