knowing myself

In the last two years, I’ve realized how central artistic expression is to who I am. Now, before I proceed I need to clarify that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m skilled or advanced in any particularly art, nor do I feel a need to become a master of any specific craft or art. So often, I find myself running through the motions of a life that can quickly become entangled with obligations, data, paper writing, emailing, introspection  and so on and so forth. Often, I’ll look up from this race and see a picture, something a friend sewed or painted, a piece of pottery, or hear a song that reminds me that an entire world of art and beauty is out there to be explored. I don’t want to wake up when I’m 80 and regret ignoring the part of me that wants to create.

I’m trying my very best to carve away more time in my life this summer to connect with art and music. I’m most looking forward to my guitar lessons. Today, my instructor asked me to think about songs I’d like to learn. I’ve spent my whole evening reflecting on my favorite artists and their melodies. Here are some beauties I’d like for him to teach me.


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