baking, having & eating my cake, too

I’m preparing my house to entertain tomorrow. My thoughts keep drifting to a future farmhouse in the mountains near a river. Sometimes when I feel like I don’t have what it takes in academics in terms of smarts and creativity, I find comfort in knowing that I have a certain industry that was passed down to my from my grandma, Betty Jane, and my own mom, Becky. It’s funny, but I catch myself imagining situations where I’ll have to build a homestead in a terrible, desolate place and make it something beautiful, or throw a last minute dinner party on a shoestring budget. How would I do it? What materials would I use? I’d secretly love the chance to try my hand in those scenarios.

So, when I simply can’t get statistics, or I’m not feeling the same pull to spend myself on research as my peers, I can relax in knowing I can make a damn good birthday cake and I’m creating a beautiful home.

image via pinterest

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