How to think

I was born with an incredible ability to feel as if the day’s moments, good and bad, could be known as acutely as a pinch on my skin, a sharp paper cut, or on the happiest of days, a splash of fresh water or a delicious breeze. I don’t think I’d trade the way I am, because if I ever choose to be a songwriter or artist of some sort, I’m sure my emotional acuity will be a tremendous asset. On normal days, slow days, slightly sad days, and rainy days, however, my tendencies must be harnessed and I challenge myself continuously to focus on all things bright and beautiful.  Sometimes I have to sink my toes into the moderately pedestrian things that are none the less lovely and serve to distract me from … myself.

Here are some of the good things I’ve chosen to focus on today:

-I love sleep in the summer. I think it’s the drum of the box fan that carries me into hard, refreshing slumbers. The light shines through the curtains I made this winter in the most gentle way, and I wake up happy every morning.

-I love swimming in the mountain rivers, and I’ve been able to do it twice in the span of a week. The water is surprisingly cold, but it’s almost like magic to me when I imagine the people who swam in those same rivers years and years ago.

-Eating meals made almost entirely from garden produce. They taste better, look better and I feel so industrious knowing that I’ve created something that’s healthy, essentially free and completely fresh.

-Summer’s long stretches of daylight and the accompanying street noise – neighbors outside with their babies, neighbors walking their dogs, neighborhood children zooming down the street on their scooters, and lawnmowers humming well into the evening. It all channels Rear Window, which is another favorite of mine, and reminds me that living in community is a good thing.

image via designismine


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