the worst thing i’ve read in a while

A Struggle of Not Struggling

Just when I thought I thought I’d met my capacity for white girl problems (though I am a white girl)…I found this little number (via Gawker via Huffington Post).

My favorite part:

I suppose that I’m grateful that I can make all my car payments and start saving for retirement while most of my friends are living at home and working part-time jobs — but I often find myself lamenting the fact that I’m not living at home and not working a part-time job. From my perspective, these are just some of the life-changing, character-building experiences that I may never have.

I just find this post hilarious. We’re in the middle of a huge national debate over student loan interest rates, our economy is ever crumbling, economists are suggesting we’re going to jump off a figurative debt cliff if Bush Era tax cuts aren’t extended, and this chick wants to put herself in the exact position that most people are scrambling to get out of. This reads like Nickled and Dimed all over again.


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