I’ve tried to be more conscious about the way that God reveals himself in my everyday. It seems that I am most intimately aware of his presence when I walk up on an expected, breathtaking view of the mountains, or when I’m fully immersed in a project I love, like cooking a big meal for my friends. For the most part, I don’t consider these moments to be ‘worship’, for I’m not in the traditional context for worship (a church, a church meeting, etc).

I mowed the lawn on Friday, which gives me about an hour to step away from the computer and think. I was reflecting on the ongoing political scene, which is permeated with so much contention it’s exhausting to think about but in very small doses. I attempted to deconstruct my perspectives on many hot-button issues, like abortion and gay marriage. Where were these formed? And are my thoughts inspired by divine truth, or are they sociological constructs I’ve gleaned on my way? It started to rain, so I didn’t get too far into answering those questions. I did, however, imagine a life in which every layer of influence is peeled away, except for God’s voice. What if I were able to completely break free from the bickering and the deep rooted convictions inspired out of religiosity and not Christ’s jealous, merciful, divinely paradoxical love? It’s all difficult to escape, and opinions are so polarized that it’s seemingly impossible to wade through these streams of thought without getting tugged to one side or another.

Yesterday, I went to a Mumford and Sons concert in Tennessee. Someone generously gave me a ticket. I ended up listening to the headliner by myself, which was a first and illuminating experience. Their lyrics cut through my heart and drew me back to my first point — so often, I experience truth in contexts that are so removed from church (e.g., a massive concert with a very intoxicated audience). It was fascinating to watch thousands upon thousands of people sing lyrics that were undoubtedly inspired by the story of Christ’s redemption and grace. Fascinating.

All of these thoughts and events are compelling me to continue this pursuit of truth and beauty in every moment of my everyday. I’d like to set down the compulsion to form an opinion on every social and cultural question that we face as Americans.  I’d like to stop feeling guilty if I don’t have time to participate in home group or attend church on Sundays. I’d like to stop breezing through life, filling my agenda, and neglecting to savor the beauty that I encounter every single day. I believe that truth is absolute, but I also believe that God is so immense and creative that I can experience him and learn his thoughts through a myriad of experiences. Recognizing this makes the whole world bigger.

image via will govus


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