Thanksgiving, take 2

Thanksgiving didn’t quite pan out as expected. The morning was smooth enough, involving a little bit of (easy) cooking on my part, two leisurely cups of coffee, and playing with the sweetest dog in the world.

The rest of the day was as unorthodox as it could get, with a two hour trip to get a Christmas tree, a meal at McDonalds, an evening spent in the hospital with a family member who had an unfortunate accident (she’s on the mend), and thanksgiving turkey and potatoes eaten on ‘to go’ plates in the car. At one point, it was decided that injecting humor into the day was the only way it could be remedied, so as much laughter as possible ensued. At the end of the day, I was thankful to have wonderful people in my life, a cozy bed, and the knowledge that I can enjoy my favorite Thanksgiving traditions whenever I went – not just on the second to last Thursday of November.

Now, I’m channeling my mother- the queen of adaptability and creative solutions to most any conundrum. I’m happy to live in a walkable, friendly town, and to have a lovely tree in my house- carefully selected from the $10 tree pile. The day will be spent listening to Christmas music, beautifying the home, and preparing a special Thanksgiving meal for our little family here.


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