My Life

Work has slowed down a good bit this week and I find myself with more time to enjoy company, my home and preparing for Christmas. It’s funny how a change of pace helps you notice moments that are frequently overlooked in the hustle and bustle of normal life. Even my coffee tastes better this week. Here are two of my favorite moments of late.

photo (11)My handsome Bryant and one of my best friend’s daughter (and my namesake) playing with Wallace. I’ve loved meeting my friends’ children. They all have interesting and fun personalities – and little Rachel is no exception. She’s curious and has the happiest disposition. If only everyone could live a little closer….


photo (12)

A snapshot of my commute home earlier this week. I often take for granted what I get to see twice a day, nearly every day of the week. Many people devote entire vacations to witness the mountains I pass just to get to school. I went on a quick hike yesterday and was again reminded of how beautiful this region is in all seasons. I look forward to some time to explore it’s crannies over break and enjoy the peace and quiet that  can be found deep in Appalachia’s woods.

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