Nine Mile in Montford


A recent kitchen remodel inspired austerity measures in the casa Ward. Frequent concert-going, dining out, spontaneous trips to the grocery store, and unnecessary travel are among the budget line items that have been heavily scrutinized of late. Having grown up in a very, very frugal household, being thrifty is normal to me, so I don’t mind this so much. I do, however, read food reviews and reports of new dining spots in Asheville somewhat longingly. I love food and I live in a foodie city, so it takes willpower to ignore these offerings for very long.

Lunch today gave proof that a little restraint makes everything taste better than it would if one caved every time they had the impulse to dine out, or take a bite of something that could otherwise be “special”. We had lunch at Nine Mile, a small restaurant located in the heart of Montford (historic neighborhood in Asheville). It wasn’t fancy, but it hit the spot. The prices hovered around $7.50/meal, which was quite fair because the portions were very generous. I had the Nine Mile chicken pasta, which was spicy and full of vegetables. I really, really enjoyed this lunch. For one, it was delicious. More significantly, it affirmed the decision to dine smartly, selectively, and ultimately, give meals out of the home the chance to be special experiences to be savored once again.

2 thoughts on “Nine Mile in Montford

  1. MMmm that looks great. Was it a lunch date? I think going out to lunch can be even more special than going out for dinner. It is a nice break in the day, the lines are shorter, and the food is cheaper.

    1. So true! Yes, it was a lunch date w/B. He was working nights and I was desperate to get away from the computer and chat a bit. I’ll take you there when you visit next- you’ll like it.

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