Candied oranges


One of my favorite part about Florence’s (Firezne, Italia) food scene is the candied fruit. Grapefruit, kiwi, oranges – all sparkling of sugar and piled on tabletops in one section of the Mercato Centrale (La Farmacia del Mercato Centrale del Dr Messori Ferderico). The frugal lunches we ate there always consisted of good bread, good cheese, and a handful of the candied fruit.

I rarely see candied fruits in the United States. Yesterday, with a little extra time on my hands, I decided to make these special treats. You can refrigerate and save them, eat them individually, or use them to embellish other confections- as I did.

You’ll need:

2 oranges

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of water

1) Thinly slice the oranges  – about 1/4″ thick

2) In a skillet or wide saucepan, boil sugar and water until dissolved

3) Lay the oranges flat in in the pan (not overlapping) and reduce to simmer for about 1-1/2 hours

4) Remove oranges from heat. Let cool and place on a drying rack to let the residual sugar water dripImage



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