28 today

No Lycan birthday is complete without a table full of both cute and embarrassing photographs. Here are some top picks from today. The good news is…I look at all of my memories, captured on film and marked with varying degrees of cute-ness, and smile from ear to ear. I am such a blessed woman – surrounded by good people and the promise of a beautiful future. Hello, 28.

photo (49)

Me and Jess at the pre-school animal parade
photo (50)

Me and mom lunching at Whole Foods, age 19photo (51)

Me, Jess and Nate- 7th grade-judging by the hidden smile (thanks braces) and the Titanic pose (circa 1997)photo (52)

Me and Jess – age 4? photo (44)

My 18th birthday at the Chinese restaurant in Cadegliano, Italyphoto (45)

Me pretending I was Jessie’s mom (Teddy Ruxpin sighting!)photo (46)

Steven, Angie, Brad and Me in Almeria, Spain -age 19
photo (47)

My little soccer team! Co-ed, but I was outnumbered, age 4photo (48)Me and my skip-it, age 4 or 5?


2 thoughts on “28 today

  1. You are breaking my heart… in a good way. I am so glad to see you lean into 28th year. Bodes well for you, regardless of the trials or occurences that the year holds.

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